Important News

There are some changes coming to Stabcon South for our autumn event this year.  To start with the bad, unfortunately over the last few years the cost of the hotel has been creeping up.  We have done our best to insulate our guests from it, but sadly we are going to have to raise the entry price to £15. We still believe this represents great value for money, and still makes us amongst the cheapest weekend cons in the country.

Now for the good news.  Firstly, after talking to the hotel, they have agreed to allow us to extend our hours on the Friday.  So, from the next event, and hopefully all future ones, we will be opening at 11am on Friday, a whole 7 hours extra gaming time!

Secondly, we are now set up to sell tickets online as well as on the door.  As an introductory offer the online ticket price will be held at the old price of £10 for our autumn event. So book now to get this reduced price.

You can find the tickets here:

If you have any questions you can get in contract with us via Facebook or via email at